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December 1, 2012

PSPlusSo, Playstation Plus has been out for the Vita for some weeks now. In this amount of time, I have seen many questions related to this and had quite a few questions myself so I decided to write an article to make it easier for others to get answers to their queries. This is just a summary of information that I have gathered from other posts all over the /talk forums.

What is Playstation Plus?

Playstation Plus is a paid subscription service for the Playstation Network. It offers a wide variety of services such as free games, early demos, full game trials, discounts and lots more! The price is quite reasonable for the advantages ($17.99 USD for 3 months)

What about the PSVita?

For the PSVita, Sony offers online savedata storage and an instant game collection. So, if you own multiple systems, you can store upto 1GB of savedata in the cloud and retrieve it on the other system. You also get an instant game collection which basically provides you with 4-6 free PSVita games (supposedly every month).

What if I already have a subscription?

If you are already subscribed to PS+, your subscription will encompass both the PS3 and PSVita without extra charges.

What happens to my games when my subscription expires?

When your subscription expires, all the games that you got as part of the instant game collection will stop playing until you renew, but games that you have bought (even if on discount) will continue to work, you will not be able to sync your savedata. But, when you renew, everything will be back to as if it never even expired. The free games that you have downloaded from your subscription will return to your download list.

How can I subscribe?

There are many ways you can subscribe to PS+. You can

  1. Link your credit card with your PSN account and subscribe (your card will automatically be charged)
  2. Buy a PS+ subscription card. You can find them here (Apparently, still requires credit card)
  3. Buy a PSN prepaid card and subscribe. You can find them here (At the Sony support forums they say that this is the way for no credit card)
Be careful though, after your subscription expires the system is set at default to ‘Auto-Renew’ (your subscription will automatically be renewed and your card charged)
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