PlayStation Records Phenomenal Loss!

August 2, 2012

The war of consoles is a huge deal in the gaming world, so when PlayStation made a shocking loss recently, it has given rival consoles a huge boost.

The end of the first fiscal quarter ended on June 30th and it has only been recently that the statistics from this quarter have been published, and Sony’s publication has showed some shocking signs. The PlayStation 3 as part of the Sony business has recorded a phenomenal 24.6 billion yen net loss; this is equal to £33.6 Million! This is an increased loss on the sales of the PlayStation 3 by 10.5 billion yen compared to the previous year.

It is expected that year-on-year sales will gradually decrease as more and more people already own the console and are patiently waiting for the next generation, however this extreme loss might be considered unacceptable in the eyes of many shareholders.

Sony spoke out about the situation and have suggested that the decrease in sales may be heavily due to the release of the PlayStation Vita, which they have assumed has taken away some attention from the PlayStation 3 and therefore decreased sales and as a result caused Sony to incur a larger loss than usual.

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