Playstation Vita 2nd Birthday Sale: Sony Celebrates Second Anniversary With Cheap Games

February 25, 2014

PS Vita 2nd birthday sale, cheap games. Enjoy

To quote:

The PlayStation Vita released two years ago last Saturday. It’s been a rocky two years, with the unfortunately common “got no games” accusation being thrown around, Sony’s trouble getting the device to sell due to a steep entry price, and lengthy droughts in between big releases, but things have been looking up for the little portable that could – with sales seeing a 163% boost in the UK after the PlayStation 4 launched and a huge catalog of indie hits available on the device.

To celebrate the device’s second anniversary, PlayStation has put sixteen titles on sale over on the PlayStation Store, with many of them supporting cross-buy, so they’ll be available on both home PlayStation consoles and the Vita.

For starters, the incredibly fun and violent (is that why it’s fun?) Hotline Miami can be purchased for the low price of $4.99 ($2.50 with PlayStation Plus). In fact, FlowerflOWMachinariumOpen Me!,ProteusVelocity UltraOgarythm, and SuminomiDemon Arts can be purchased for less than $5 for those with a PlayStation Plus Subscription or for a few dollars more with those without a subscription to the service.

Killzone: Mercenary, The Vita’s first not-terrible first person shooter is on sale from $35.99 to $17.49 ($24.99 without Plus). Ragnarok Odyssey has also come down from $29.99 to the Plus-exclusive price of $14.69. Escape Plan and Malicious Rebirth are both half off as well, dropping from $14.99 to $7.34 with Plus.


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