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September 13, 2011

Published on 09-12-2011 09:42 PM

The developer behind the PNM Project, No_One, has released more information to the public regarding his PS3 Flasher. It has been awhile since the last update, but he has finished a “stand-alone mode” which allows for more control, with NOR FLASH management. There is now support for a “virtual” socket, besides the two NOR, which means flashing and copying at the same time. Expect more information soon regarding “PS3 mode“, which is wiring the board to the console.

Hi mates,

I wanted to give you news concerning the PNM project.
I really missed time. But I just finished what I call the “stand-alone mode”.
In this mode, we can do everything concerning the NOR FLASH mangement.

Here are the functions working now:
– copy memory
– dump memory
– update memory
– display memory CRC32
– read memory
– display memory details

PNM is now working with 2 NOR sockets and 1 “virtual” one which is the PS3 embedded memory.
It means for example that now we can dump/update the PS3 NOR like any flasher, but also copy its content to another FLASH and so on…

Next step now consists in wiring the PNM board to the PS3.
This is what I call the “PS3 mode”.
I will do it next week :-)
I will of course give you details, some nice pictures and maybe a video.
We are not so far to be capable to dual firmware the PS3 and do some nice progress in FLASH decrypting.

Have fun !


PS: For people asking why I simply didn’t use a twice capacity NOR FLASH (32MBytes) instead of 2 NOR FLASH (16MBytes).
This is simply because it is easy for SONY to disable the dual firmware feature using what we call the “Product ID”.
Original NOR has a unique product ID (16Mbytes). A simple check and you cannot anymore use PNM.

Screenshots of PNM Project GUI:

Source: PS3Crunch


For those interested in more information about PNM Project, you can find the PNM Project PDF here on: PSX-SCENE

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