PPSSPP One Year Anniversary

November 21, 2013

It has been about 2 months now since PPSSPP had their last release and November 1st marked the one year anniversary of PPSSPP. ”While nothing is perfect, there have been plenty of improvements since the last release, and thanks to all of the contributors!” Here are a few thing that have been fixed with the release of 0.9.5

  • Atrac3+ plugin no longer required! Thanks Maxim for hard reverse-engineering work
  • Many, many emulation fixes, including:
    • bezier/spline curve support, fixing Loco Roco and others
    • stencil clear emulation, fixing Final Fantasy IV text
  • Android-x86 support
  • Post-processing shaders like FXAA, scanlines, vignette
  • More solid save states (we will try to keep them working from now on. Save states only upgrade forward, not backward to older versions though)
  • Change render resolution independently of window size
  • Massive debugger improvements on Windows, by Kingcom and unknownbrackets (GE)
  • Win32 menu bar is now translatable. Language changes are applied instantly.
  • Win32: Ability to store PPSSPP’s config files and memory stick files in places other than the same directory
  • Qt audio fixed, Symbian audio and ffmpeg is now threaded for more consistent media processing
  • Haptic feedback support for mobile devices
  • Accurate system information for mobile devices
  • Analog controller support for Blackberry
  • Windows installer (coming soon)

PPSSPP, really has come a long way since the first release and seem to be getting better all the time for your PC or mobile device. Now there plans for the next release are to help improve the performance of PPSSPP. For example: Final Fantasy crisis core was not really playable on a Nexus 4 but on their current development build they say it’s running smoothly and at the same time GTA is running full speed on the nvidia shield with only one frame rate skip. Now this doesn’t mean that God of war or any other game will suddenly work on your device, but whatever device you may be using, you will see an improvement in performance. So please support them and purchase the gold version for your pc or mobile device.


check the PPSSPP download page, or

 Buy PPSSPP Gold

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