PPSSPP update: Now use a controller on your android device

September 1, 2013

The PPSSPP (psp emulator), just updated right after I posted a working game list. The best part of this update is you can use a third party controller on your android device now. It even has a how to download psp and homebrew games section. So far it fixes many issues with a lot of the games, that I tested. So it’s been Nearly two months of no releases are over, and a new PPSSPP is out. As always, there have been incredible progress:

  • Much improved control mapping, and autoconfig for a few devices like Shield
  • Large speed boosts in many games
  • Improved touchscreen control latency, important for rhythm games
  • Huge improvements to our internal PSP debugger by Kingcom!
  • A number of new games became compatible, such as Final Fantasy Tactics which just has some audio issues left.
  • A completely redesigned user interface, unlike the previous static one this one can grow with the emulator and has keyboard/controller navigation support, for the full lean-back experience!
  • Improved frameskipping, increasing playability on slower devices.ppsspp

So get downloading and enjoy! And thanks to all the contributors for their incredible work. If you would like to use your ps3 controller on the your android refer to this article: Android gaming with your PS3 controller

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