Pre-loading content is coming to the PS4 in April – Already possible with PS Vita?

March 21, 2014

Preloading content is already a known thing. Steam does it, and a few other online stores do it too, but can the PSN offer this? The answer is yes.

Very soon it will be possible to pre-load content via the Playstation 4, so you are able to play the game as soon as possible, instead of downloading the 20GB of game data the day it is officially available and therefore wasting a few hours that you could be playing your new title!

The developers from Sucker Punch, known for titles like inFamous Second Son and others, now confirmed that preloading will come to the PS4 this April.

If this will be added via a PSN Store maintenance or via a new PS4 firmware update, which was already confirmed to be released soon, is currently not known, but there is proof that said preloading is already possible with the Playstation Vita.

Pre-loading already a thing for the PS Vita?

If we take a closer look at this picture (which is unfortunally in german, I am sorry for this) we can see that it says that it says that the estimated date of availability is the 18th march 2014, while the estimated date for an automatic download of said content is the 20th march 2014. But how did someone trigger this pop-up?

Well, a good friend of mine, KanadeEngel, got a promotional version of Final Fantasy X-2 HD remaster as a PSN code and showed me these screenshots.

He said that this banner appeared and was a bit surprised that he had to wait for playing the game. To his surprise, the PS Vita began to download content even though it said that he would have to wait until the content becomes available.

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