Pre-Packaged eCFW TN-A for Older vHBL Releases:

October 9, 2012

Wololo’s SITREP about eCFW.

To quote:

As announced early this morning, a modified H.bin has been created to effectively utilize Total_Noob’s TN-A on the older vHBL releases. This is great news for everyone who hasn’t updated, and doesn’t plan on updating to 1.81.

Thanks to VIP user & owner of, The Z, you can now download prepackaged TN-A releases for older vHBL releases.

Simply head on over to‘s Vita section and download the archive of your choice, named according to the exploited game you have.

You will need OpenCMA installed before attempting. You can read on how to achieve this here.

Then, once you have downloaded the archive from and have installed OpenCMA on your computer extract the archive to your C:UsersxxxxDocumentsPSAVEDATAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx folder (in Windows,path may be slightly different for MAC/Linux) and transfer the content to your Vita using the Content Manager app.

Load up your game and load the exploit just as you did with vHBL, and you will be presented with TNLoader.

Most importantly, remember to have fun, and thank the numerous people involved in these releases.

Note by Wololo: It has been confirmed that this will not work on any firmware below 1.80, so technically this is useful only for Monster Hunter owners. The problem comes from offset differences in older firmwares, that prevent TN’s exploit from running in its current state. Bringing compatibility to older firmwares is just a matter of changing the offsets to the right values, but that requires somebody to do the dev work.

[Source] : Wololo

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