Prepare your PSN Wallet! – The next Vita FW Update containts PS4 compatibility!

October 8, 2013

The PS4 launch day is pretty soon, and Sony promised to make the PS Vita compatible with the PS4, obviously via a Firmware Update. The very next PS Vita Update seems to be the PS4-Ready Firmware, which was rumoured to be Firmware 3.00. Some other rumoured features of this new firmware, let’s just call it firmware 3.00, are, that you will be able to transfer files via a Wifi connection between the PS Vita and a PS3 console, which would enable you to transfer files without the need of any cable.

Even though we don’t know the actual version number yet, we can be sure that one of the conditions for the next PSPemulator kernel exploit release will be fulfilled. Earlier this summer Total_Noob stated that he could release another new kernel mode exploit for the PS Vitas PSPemulator, which will bring his improved TN eCFW, which will be TN-V4, to all the PS Vitas, that still can’t use a kernel mode exploit, cause of firmware limitations.

Another intersting fact will be, if his TN-V4 eCFW will run at the new PS Vita Slim & Light (aka. PSV 2000), or if Sony implemented some strengthened security, to prevent eCFWs from running at the newer slim model. I personally doubt that the slim model will refuse to run any of the PSPemulators eCFWs, or the Vita Half Byte Loader, since it should use the same PSPemulator as its older sister.

Will the PSV 2k be able to run the XMB?

Since the title states to prepare your PSN Wallet, I recommend to add some funds to your PSN Account, so you will be able to get a ninja release exploit game, which will, most likely, be released with TN-V4 together, so everyone gets the chance to use the good ol’ PSP XMB at the PS Vita, even though you don’t want to wait at a lower firmware, which offers you the ability to use the VHBL. Even though it is not confirmed that there will be an additional exploit game release, which could be released with TN-V4, I am very confident that there could be one.

In the End I would like to say that Sony might release another Firmware Update that offers just the PS3 Wifi file transfer feature, and nothing about the PS4, since they’ve announced this feature some days ago, and it is still not available. Even if they release a FW 2.70 before the big PS4-Ready FW, they will release a PS4-Ready FW in the next 8 weeks, since the PS4s launch day is pretty soon.

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