[Preview #2] Homebrew Engine – PMW NATION

January 13, 2013

After 1 ½ years of silence, Snake_Plissken_PMW stopped by in the PS3HaX Forums to tell us about the state of his Homebrew Engine PMW NATION. A video will be hopefully out this month followed by a compiled demo of the engine. He is also working on a portable engine for the Vita. For more details read the statement below.

no im not dead. insted i am stuck out of town. when i getback home. i will go threw the zteps of releaseing 1 of the pre release video trailers for pmw nation the video game. suspect the video to be out wih in the month. followed by a compiled .pkg demo of the engine. as im out of town all i have ismy vita. so theres not much i can do for now but share pics. i just wanted to take this momment to telland explain to you that the homebrew engine PMW NATION is still in development.

What is PMW NATION the HOMEBREW ENGINE you ask? its a homebrew game/app .pkg installed on a cfw ps3 interface allowing the user and player to play pmw nations escape from hell first person shooter. it will also give users tools to exspress there own creativity. the engine will be able to render 3d model formats with its opengl software renderer. and will feature maps render with a persudo algrythm wicth both in the end gives you the dev or player tools to play or create massiveopen world fps enviroments. as of today me and GameFactoryTV have come together to see thefinish of the engnes compilation to .pkg useing psl1ght . and i tell you know to keep your eyes peeled these next to months for details on the game andits engines release. ill even update this post to maby with some pics or links to new articals on the matter. thanks nd ps3hax4life

the pictures of spectate is rendered in a diffrent software. its simply thesoftware i use to view model trees .md3 i was useing at thetime. now that i have got my vita working and uplading pictures ill us this thread to post further pictures in time. pictures rendered by the games engine. pmw nation the video game is gzdoom opengk fited and ported to the ps3 . in time i will release more and more info. jus wanted to let you all know this is not dead. also im working on a portable engine that will be this games sister engine but ported first only to hbl vhbl. ill also post some in game rendered pbotos in a few thanks u guys and ps3hax 4life

the lightning is a weather effect rendered in game. later the defualt shotgun hub will be replaced with a.md3 framed animated 3d model. such as all guns in the game. the other two pictures are also rendered in game. these show a already complete homebrew productison that have been ported and will be release with the homebrew engine. upone the release of the games install files we will have 3 diffrent titles avaible to be played on the games engine. as we hope for it to be a platform for meny more. sorry for spellin. vita is small

Source: PS3HaX

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