Prince of Persia, Street Rod 1/2 Standalone Ports Released

September 30, 2011

Published on 09-30-2011 10:56 AM

NEO117 has compiled PKG’s of Prince of Persia (1989) & Street Rod 1 & 2. With these standalone packages you can run these games without the need of a SNES emulator.
To Quote:

I just compiled this PKG with the very first Prince of Persia ready to play on your PS3. Enjoy it.

NOTE: I tested it and found no problems, however if you do find any issue please let me know by PM or on this thread. Thank you.

I simply Used the fail0verflow tools and the Dosbox port for PS3. Nothing too hard.

Btw, I updated the download. There’s another PKG for the Homebrew category if you have it, and it has SND0.AT3 Now.

Again, this has 2 PKGs, one for the regular “Game” category, and one for the “Homebrew” category should you have it.

Download: Prince of Persia

Download: Street Rod 1
Download: Street Rod 2

Source: PS3 Crunch

Thanks to Tranced for the news submission!!

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