Production Of The PS2 Has Ended

December 28, 2012

We all knew the moment would come that we definitely had to let go the PS2, but even with the moment here it hurts…..

The PS2 is no longer being shipped in Japan

Its over. The PS2 has finally stopped being produced in Japan. Sony Computer Entertainment announced this news today.

Japan is the last region which still received brand new PS2 systems. Well, the last region out of the big three. I believe the console is still shipping in some other countries which didn’t receive it until long after it arrived in stores in 2000.

But for the most part this is a big deal. The PS2 keeps its crown as best-selling console of all-time at nearly 150 million consoles. Well, best-selling console. If we’re counting the DS then it may not be the #1 selling gaming device ever.

Nonetheless the PS2 was a juggernaut. It lasted a long time and it won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Some people still argue that the PS2 has a superior software library in comparison to current consoles and you’d have a hard time convincing them otherwise because the PS2 has possibly the best library ever.

Good bye PS2, too bad it couldn’t last forever.


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