ProgSkeet Gets An Overhaul

September 14, 2012

Version 1.2 will boast a complete overhaul and will even include “dual NAND/NOR support on different consoles.” They have also dropped the use of clips and will instead incorporate the use of QSB boards. Here is the lowdown in the meantime.


Dear Customers,

PROGSKEET V1.2 is in production, release: first week of October (maybe early)


Here some info’s in preview:

  1. Redesign of main board now more small and stable (4 layers)
  2. Slave board with USB, LED, SWITCH (for memory banks selection)
  3. FCC cable 15 pins that allow to connect externally the slave board
  4. Bus SPI on FCC cable for future expansions
  5. 100% support of WINSKEET
  6. DLL OPEN library to allow integration in other alternative programs
  7. 1 Mbit SPI FLASH memory on board

The package content:

The main improve of the new PROGSKEET V1.2 solution will be the support of DUAL NOR / NAND on different consoles. NOR and NAND CLIPS are not anymore official supported, we decide to move on QSB BOARDS, more cheaper and sure more stable then CLIPS. Soon news also about these accessories.

More info’s about specs of new WINSKEET and SOFTWARE will be posted soon.

PREORDERS of the first limited production are open!
Contact us!

Source: ProgSkeet

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