[Proof of theory] Possibility of MINIS on SEX-based MFW

April 10, 2013

BlackDaemon has uploaded a video, showing that pseudo-minis are working on a Shop / SEX-based MFW. Only try this if you have a hardware flasher!

Let’s back a bit in time, when Kakaroto was making his HEN for OFW 4.xx. He said, that he was able to install pkg’s but can’t run it because it requires proper SELF signature. Minis doesn’t have any SELF files inside and could be packed as free content. Well, i have done one experiment – on CFW 3.55 i installed those packages, updated to SEX-based MFW by TechnoDon and tried to run installed pseudo-minis. See, what happened on video (sorry for quality, unfortunately PS Vita can’t record it better).

I have flasher, so it not a problem for me to go back to normal CFW.

Source: PS3HaX

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