propJOE Delivering Your Dose Of Game Patches

July 17, 2012

propJOE has been on a tear lately when it comes down to delivering patches for select PSN games. In the past week alone, he’s gotten around to 4 games, if not more. Today, he’s back with even more, so check it out.

The goodies this time around are for 5 games. They are Nucleus 2.0,  Nucleus+, Super Rub A Dub 3.0, Blue Toad Murder Files and Homefront. As with the other releases, you will need to obtain the complete PSN release for the game that you want to apply the patch to and that they are compatible on both the 3.41 and 3.55 custom firmwares. A proper Google Search should lead you in the right direction, if you need any help.

You can pick up all the patches from below.

Blue Toad Murder Files  (Unavailable atm)
Nucleus+ & Nucleus 2.0
Super Rub A Dub 3.0

Source: PSX-Scene

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