PropJOE Returns With Added Fixes for Games and DLC

November 14, 2012

Fans of game fixes and patches will know that propJOE has more or less been a trusted standard for some time now, but we were all quite sad to see the site head into supposed internet death not too long ago. However for those that have doubted this great and dedicated scene developer, fear not! PropJOE is back and they want to share the toils of their hard work with you. Along with a completely redesigned and more intuitive web interface, you’ll find that the updated locale now includes sixty new pieces of content for you to enjoy between full game eboots and their respective DLC.

So what kinds of stuff are you  going to get? For the full list of games, be sure to check out my source link, but I certainly don’t mind going through some of the highlights for you. With names like Burnout, Call of Duty, Batman and FIFA abound, you might as well call this an archive of some of the greatest games of the year, yet thankfully they can all be found within this one place. As far as DLC goes, expect added maps, campaigns, and weapons for games like Resistance 3, Dead Space 2, and Lost Planet 2. All of those other great games I mentioned before also have fixed DLC too.

Remember though, if you are a true supporter of the industry, you should head out and buy these games after you try them. Sure CFW can be great, but stealing from those that work hard is not! If trying before you buy is your aim, propJOE is the place to be.


Tags: CFW, DLC, eboots, propjoe, PS3 Hacks

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