[Pros/Cons]: Cobra and 3K3Y.

September 19, 2013

Our friends over EOL (El otro lado) made two different reviews. So i took my time and translated the PROS/CONS of both devices. Hence those two thread over EOL have more info about how to install each device and some complete tutorials. I just translated the basics. My kudos to c0d3m4st4 and toni___18 for making this tutorials/reviews about this two devices. Since here i grow tired of asking the same all over again.
So here you have them, if you need more info head to EOL  and if you need some more translations, let me know and ask over EOL too.


COBRA ODE shocked me.

  •  Quality Components and finish both awesome.
  • Installing over models which don’t need soldering is too damn easy.
  • Software side very simple, just a few clicks and you done it.
  • Firmware come in series, so it’s easy to install, copy files and isos to play.
  • Valid for all PS3 models. AIO.
  • QSB quick solder for models which need soldering is very well done. Fits perfect over PS3 board plus is tiny and versatile.


  • Almost everything.
  • Good quality.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Works in OFW so no need for CFW.
  • Unique option for non-costumizables and good alternative for CFW where you can custom.
  • Unique Model for ALL PS3 consoles.


  • Advanced soldering skills over PS3′s that need soldering.
  • Hard to restore some components in one console once installed. (PS3 which need soldering).
  • Long flex, sometimes is difficult to sort them inside just to close the console.
  • Clips system over the grill is not cool.
  • You can’t run Homebrews that need syscalls of certain CFW’s. (We will see how this evolves, because we already have Multiman and Showtime).
  • It’s expensive. If you need someone to install it for you, well it’s a nice inversion.



Material and components looks like good quality. That’s one reason about the price tag. Plus at this moment is the only alternative for models 3k and 4k. As you may know this ones are not compatible with other exploit like downgrade (CFW).

Update: Seems that over Super Slim CECH 4xxxC because is different you need to use some cables to connect 3k3y board to PS3 motherboard.


  • High quality material and finish.
  • Works with OFW, doesn’t need CFW.
  • Unique option for non-costumizables and good alternative for CFW where you can custom.


  • Same as Cobra.
  • Different model of 3k3y depending on which console you want to install.


Brief comparision:


  • One model for all PS3s.
  • PCB Quick solder better design and easy to use.
  • Serie Firmware. You don’t need to install anything else.
  • ISOS mode of creating and executing is faster and simple.


  • You don’t need to restart your PS3 to load your backups.
  • You don’t need a disk inside the drive to launch a game. Tested over a FAT with 3dump. Waiting confirmation over SS models.
  • ISOMENU (activated) launch backups from OLED screen while if it’s deactivated from pics over XMB. Doesn’t need isomanager.
  • Allows Homebrew. Showtime for example.
  • Feature to make a backup 1:1 of our own games using your own drive plus 3k3y RIPPER (more hardware).
  • Ripp3r app for PC. Allow us to make a valid copy with IRD files. (Stealth, iso matches original) or without IRD, generated ISO created from JB files over Multiman or Iris manager.
  • High Quality PCB and easy to install over FAT consoles 2XX-21XX. Over SuperSlim consoles you need to solder PCB to board. (You need some soldering skills)
  • Constant Support and Feedback of the product from 3k3y team side.

EOL 3K3Y Thread by tony____18
EOL COBRA Thread by c0d3m4st4
El Otro Lado

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