Proxies and Bypasses fixed – Firmware 3.01 can not access the PSN services anymore!

April 7, 2014

No PSN services

Just a few hours after Sony released their firmware 3.10, people figured out how to prevent the firmware update and access the PSN services from their PS Vitas running firmware 3.01.

A few days later Sony released their firmware 3.12, which fixes some of the problems introduced in firmware 3.10, for example the memory card problem.

And this is basically where the problems start…

Proxies and other Bypasses fixed

Usually it has been possible to access the PSN store from the firmware, that had been the newest firmware, before the currently newest firmware took its place. This means, after firmware 3.10 was released, the 3.01 was the previously newest firmware, and the proxy bypasses were working without a flaw, since this has been the case at the PS Vita since a long time.

Then Sony released the firmware 3.12 and this is basically where the problems started. Sure, in the beginning those bypasses were still working, but if we apply the logic mentioned before, then it should be possible to access the PSN services from firmware 3.10 with proxies and bypasses, but not anymore from the firmware 3.01, and this is currently the case.


PS Vita owners running the firmware 3.01 can not access any PSN services anymore, be it via proxies, via bypasses or even the download queue – Those workarounds are currently not working anymore, and will most likely never work again (at least not with firmware 3.01).

You can still access the PSP PSN services from within the TN-V eCFW on your firmware 3.01, but it is worth to mention, that every downloaded content will only be accessable from within the PSPemulator, not from the PS Vitas homescreen. Downloading content from within TN-V will not create a bubble, and said content won’t work anymore, if you happen to update your firmware to 3.10/3.12.

Thanks to KanadeEngel for testing and confirming this.

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