PS Multi Tools v6.5 Released

November 5, 2012

If you ever wanted an application that would allow you to grab the latest homebrew, custom firmware or emulators for your PlayStation needs, then this is one of those tools to add to your collection. With it’s previous update you were given added firmware versions, such as Rogero 4.21 CFW v1.09, E3 4.30 CFW and 4.25 DEX OFW. Other additions included newer versions of homebrew apps and Windows tools.


This is all great but always had one drawback in my opinion. Why download a new version of PS Multi Tools just to get the updated links to newer versions of the above mentioned releases? SvenGDK has now introduced what he calls the “live menu” in PS Multi Tools version 6.5. This means that when any of the listed homebrew, Windows tools etc. are updated you wont need to re-download an updated version to get the updated links.

To Quote:


PS Multi Tools v6.5 has been released with one new feature, the new “live” menu.

What are the advantages of the new menu?
You don’t need more to download new versions of PS Multi Tools for homebrews/firmwares updates! Every time you open PS Multi Tools and there are new homebrews/firmwares available, it shows them automatically in the menu!

Other notes:

  • PS Vita Support is not available ATM and will not be available until a working CFW is released.
  • We’re working on a native (real) Mac OS X version.

Hope you like this new feature !

Download: PS Multi Tools 6.5

Source: ps3hax

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