PS Plus: Free, Unlimited PS+ On US Store? Also Three Free Months of PS+ For All New Users! Games Include Soul Sacrifice, Resogun And More!

February 23, 2014

As you all probably know, last year the was an exploit on the Brazilian PlayStation Store that allowed users to repeatedly purchase a PS Plus subscription without paying a dime. This has apparently happened again on another store now. The US PSN Store, where a PS4 owner was able to subscribe to PS Plus until 2035. On the topic of PS Plus, there is also a method out there for any new PS Plus user to get PS Plus free, for three months.

I will start off with the user who was able to get PS Plus until 2035. The gamer, at this point he is anonymous, was offered a 14 day free trial of PS Plus on the US PlayStation Store. He was able to exploit this offer so that he could repeatedly redeem the offer. Note the date on the picture below.


What the user did was navigated to the PS Plus section of the store, where he clicked on the Outlast branded 14 day free trial banner. This banner was only visible for new PS Plus users, not current ones. Then, the guy added his billing information so that he would be able to renew his subscription. He was allowed to freely renew his subscription, 14 days at a time, until 2033. a day later, he returned to the store to see if the loophole was still working. It was, and he renewed until 2035.


The anonymous gamer now has hundreds of confirmation emails in his inbox, that all say $0.00. In my opinion, worth it. You can try this exploit yourself and hope to get lucky, but the error was tested by trusted people, and said to be patched.

OK. With that out of the way here is how to get three months of PS Plus free. The PS4 has been released in Japan now, but the PS4 Japanese store was available a few days ago. On the Japanese store there is an offer for free PS Plus. The video below shows how the create a Japanese PS Plus account from your PS4. Once the account is created, you will be able to get a free three month PS Plus offer from the Japanese store. From there, you can use this subscription on your other PlayStation devices. You can see the full list of free games here. The games include the PS4 title Resogun and lots more.

Well, that’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. You can read my other articles here and you can contact and/or follow me on Twitter @The_Jay_Doctor. I’m still accepting vita hardware mod suggestion via PM on /talk, you can find the there by the name of JayDog.

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