PS Unban Now Supports The 3.55 & 4.30 Firmwares

December 23, 2012

Just the other day, PS3 developer 0x00 released a tool that would unban your console, if you managed to fall victim to Sony’s recent wave of bans. That’s only if you managed to get your console banned and not your account along with it. If you’ve experienced the former, you were able to make use of this tool. Here is the other caveat that appeared. You could only if you were on a 4.21 or 3.55 custom firmware. A few days down the road, 0x00 has updated his tool to support the 4.30 firmware as well as provide a blackscreen fix for those stumbling upon those.

Following up on my previous update, below are some new (confirmed working) revisions of my PS_Unban PKG for PS3 3.55, Rebug and Rogero CFW along with a Blackscreen fix. Only use the Blackscreen fix versions IF you have blackscreen issue, chances are you won’t be able to read instructions (On black screen fix) so here they are as follows:

  • Press [ ] for 4.30
  • Press X for 4.21
  • Press Start for 3.55

Please NOTE, anyone wanting a private version that will take longer to ban, PM me to donate for it…

You can download the latest version of the PS Unabn PKG below.

Download: PKG Unban [3.55 | 3.55 BS] [REBUG 4.21 & Rogero 4.30 | BS]*

*BS indicates Black Screen Fix version

Source: PS3News

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