PS Unban Updated Unofficially

January 14, 2013

Ever since the leak of the lv0 keys to the public, Sony has been doing everything they possibly can to keep hackers from accessing their PlayStation Network services. After all, now that it’s possible to pretty much update to the latest firmware version with homebrew options, they can no longer rely on simple release numbers to keep us locked out. If you’re one of the unlucky masses that has been spotted running the PSN on a CFW console, odds are both your account and console have probably been banned by the powers that be at Sony.

A developer by the name of 0x00 originally released PS Unban which essentially gives your console a different ID so that it will be able to connect to online services. However, as most hacks do, this one has only worked for a little while and some users are already saying they’ve lost their online gaming fix. deneo24 has come to your rescue with a modified version of that same release that features a new console code for your gaming pleasure. The bad news is, it doesn’t work on 4.XX custom firmware, so you may be in for a bit of a wait if you’re running the newer architecture. For you old school folks though this should be a welcome change. Welcome back to the PSN, hackers!


Tags: CFW, homebrew, lv0 keys, ps unban, PS3 Hacks, Sony

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