PS-Vibe Move Edition v1.02: Bringing Pleasure to the PS3 Community

April 22, 2013

Developer deroad  has updated PS-Vide Move Edition to version 1.02. PS-vibe could have many uses. But lets be honest ,it’s an app that has a throttle for a viberating stick. You do not have to think to hard to figure out the best use for this “toy”.  This app no doubts brings caution to your attention when you visit a friends house and use thier PS-Vibe controller on a jailbroken system. I can think of a much more important PS Move warning screen prior to games for the Move controller, then the ones issued by Sony :) .  For all the details checkout the official quote from developer deraod below, Enjoy!!!

PS Vibe Move Edition is a simple app to allow boys/girls to have “fun” with a ps move controller

THIS HOMEBREW NEEDS A PS-EYE. This homebrew will not use SixAxis or Dualshock controller except if the PSEye is not detected



PS Vibe Move Edition 1.02 —- Available also on PSChannel Homebrew

PSL1GHT Dev Forum: (register only if you are a dev)

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Source: PSX-Scene

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