Ps Vita anniversary games W/o PSN access!

March 7, 2013

As you all know, We have reached the first year with our Ps Vita!! Sony was so generous in fact, To give us free games. If you did not know, read Minimur12′s article here.

Some of you (like me) who own only 1 Vita, and are on 2.02 with the Uno hack could not seem to obtain it, Because you cannot get it from the online store, nor the PS3 store… But, There are still some rays of hope!! We have found some methods (thanks to user “capnwinky”) to bypass this and get the games. Here are some methods used to obtain the games, and when you update, and (hopefully) when we have a hack, we can enjoy them with leisure.

Method 1

The first method to “GET” the games is to usually and (obviously) get it from the Vita store. But this comes in with a heavy price… We have to sacrifice our eCFW and update. We can have access to the PSN store, But no backups, homebrew, or TN-V. Some of you, who have decided to update was only for the PSN access. There is no known exploit on 2.05 except for the one with Total_Noob. Uno could potentially be the last exploit. Read about it here.

Method 2

The second method is to get it from the Mediago store. Just use the search function to get it. Technically speaking, we won’t actually get the games and will be able to transfer it to the Vita, But, will actually be able to keep it in our downloads list for future use. This is chosen by many because they might not have a PSP or since they think this method is easier. Either way it works and make sure you get your hands on them!

Method 3

The third and the last way to get them. I bet that many of you, who were all late PSPers would own a PSP system (like me). Since we all have one, just access the PSN store on the PSP, use the search function, and download the games and keep it on your downloads list.

So, That is it!! make sure you get them!! And big thanks to capnwinky for showing us these wonderful methods. you can see his thread here.

Warning:They will only be free for 1 week, ending on the morning of Tuesday, March 12.

(so far, this has only been announced for the US region. (Finally!)

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