PS Vita: Day 1 Hello World on firmware 2.60

August 7, 2013

PS Vita Firmware 2.60 was released yesterday by Sony, and, unsurprisingly, this firmware patches the latest VHBL exploit from Qwikrazor that we released for game Gamocracy: Legend of Robot on firmware 2.12 a few weeks ago.

But, and this will not be a surprise to those who follow this blog regularly, solutions still exist to run (psp) homebrew on the latest PS Vita firmware 2.60. The Z proves it to us in the Video below.

In the video, what we see is not a VHBL port but a “simple” hello world. This is the same code pretty much everyone has been using since the sparta exploit back in 2009, and, in case you’re wondering, we’re talking of course of a user mode exploit running inside the PSP emulator of the Vita. With the same possibilities as usual of seeing a port of VHBL coming one day to this exploit.

This is even less surprising to see an exploit so soon from The Z on this firmware, as we know he is in possession of an undisclosed PSP exploit for a game available on the EU store. If I were to guess, I’d assume this is the very same exploit.

The Z has mentioned a few interesting points about 2.60 on our forums. In particular, besides the 2.12 Gamocracy exploit patch, the 2.60 firmware fixes the vulnerability that let us rename the “PSP/GAME” folder into anything we like. Coupled with the impossibility to copy anything to that folder from within the emulator, we are now in a position where homebrews can definitely not be installed there. Qwikrazor’s VHBL port, and ,ore specifically his update in wMenu already made homebrews install in the PSP/VHBL folder instead, but this contributes to reducing compatibility, as some PSP homebrews are hardcoded to target stuff in PSP/GAME.

Nevertheless, PSP Homebrews are still a possibility on firmware 2.60, it’s just a matter of somebody releasing an exploit. In the meantime, people running with the Gamocracy VHBL on firmware 2.12 should know that Open CMA works fine and is the best way to avoid the forced updates on your Vita.

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