PS Vita firmware 3.12 soon to be released!

March 27, 2014

We waited more than 3 months for a new PS Vita firmware, which happened to drop a few days ago. Some users are reporting that their PS Vita refuses to read the memory card after said new firmware 3.10 dropped, and the tech support of Sony replied that an upcoming update to adress this issue will be available very soon!

The new firmware 3.10 was a small disappointment for some users. Sure, it offered the new limit of 500 App bubbles and brought us some smaller changes in the Content Manager App and added a calender app, but all in all it was a rather diappointing firmware update.

If we take a closer look, then we can see that the new firmware 3.10 fixed all the 3.01 exploit games – But that is not everything! – and addtionally fixed some undisclosed exploit games, which were private and yet fixed.

Click the picture for a bigger version

If we take a look at our PS Vita exploit chart, then we can see that there happen to be some more exploit games for the firmware 3.01, some of them are even very familiar.

Now it is time to wait for said firmware 3.12 to drop, and hope that this will not patch the charles proxy and the ‘download queue’ methods we currently have, to add content to our beloved exploit 3.01 PS Vitas.

Source via @Oguri_Kureno (via Reddit) and Playstation

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