PS Vita firmware 3.15 to be released soon! – Offers full PS4 compatibility for the PS VitaTV!

April 27, 2014

Sony just released a new Video showcasing their new Playstation 4 firmware 1.70, and its new features.

If one pays attention to the banners in the video, one could spot that the PS Vita (TV) firmware 3.15 will be necessary to use said new PS4 connection functions, if one wants to connect their PS Vita (TV) with a Playstation 4 running firmware 1.70.

In the end of the video, Sony showcases that the PS VitaTV will finally get the ability to connect to the PS4 and use all showcased features, like presented at the PS VitaTVs release.

After updating the PS VitaTV to firmware 3.15 and the PS4 to firmware 1.70, it will be possible to use the PS VitaTV to control and use the PS4, even if the PS4 is in another room and connected to another TV. Both devices have to be in the same network, otherwise this does not work, though.

What this new firmware 3.15 offers for the regular PS Vita, and what it fixes once again, is currently not known.

Stay tuned for more!

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