PS Vita Hack: a new PSP usermode exploit running on Firmware 2.06, by The Z

March 20, 2013

PSP/Vita scene famous member The Z has always been a great resource of news, but, believe it or not,  this is actually the first time he reports about an exploit of his own. Congrats :)

The Z showcases what is today a typical “psp hello world”, which dates back to the Sparta exploit from Matiaz and Freeplay, that later on got popular when we started heavily reusing it as the first development step for porting hbl, then vhbl.

The Z of course does not disclose the name of the game, but his video is showing the exploit running on a PS Vita 2.06. There’s no saying at this point if this exploit can be turned into a VHBL port (VHBL requires the exploited game to import a certain set of functions in order to run), but I’m sure we’ll know more in a few days, as The Z starts digging into his findings.

On a side note, speaking of the popular “Spartaaaaa” hello world: guys, I moved on to using a different animation more than a year ago (remember the day 1 hello world on the Vita, and the video below?). The snowflakes were getting too “common” :) You should also try new ones, it’s also part of the fun ;)

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