PS Vita Hack: (Video) VHBL (still) running on firmware 2.11

April 18, 2013

Ah, yes, the obligatory “it still works, guys!” Video. Come on, I know you love it as much as I do!

So, to most of you if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or if you know how Sony handles the PSP hacks lately, this probably won’t be a surprise, but The Z published a video showing that his VHBL port on PS Vita’s firmware 2.10 still runs on Firmware 2.11.

In the video below, The Z shows that VHBL runs a few homebrews perfectly fine: Wagic (come on man, only 2 expansions unlocked out of 106? You can do better than that ;) ), Masterboy – the GBA and Master system emulator – running Pokemon [insert some color here], as well as PSP Filer, probably the most useful File Manager on the PSP, and by extension, on the Vita, as of today.

Source: The Z

By the way, did you know? Half Byte Loader is now a bit more than 3 years old (if you count from its first beta release, even more if you count back from m0skit0′s first source code release back in November 2009) which probably makes it one of the most resilient hacks on any Sony platform (up there with Dark Alex’s M33 code that has been reverse-engineered and compiled so many times it’s probably gained human consciousness by now)

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