PS Vita hack: (xmax) katsu attempts to exploit the Vita NAND

January 28, 2014

We’ve mentioned hardware hacker katsu a lot recently, first when he showed he was able to Dual boot 2 different firmwares on a Vita (and switch back and forth, which gave the community hopes for a potential downgrade), then later the same week when he announced he was able to copy the contents of a vita cartridge.

Today Katsu presents a video of him investigating what he can do to the Vita through his hardware modifications.

To be perfectly honest, this video is a tad less impressive than his previous ones, mostly because there’s nothing obviously groundbreaking in what he shows. It seems he is able to majorly confuse the “settings” menu of the Vita, leading it to show what appears to be string ids (such as msg_system_information and the like) instead of the correctly translated version.

My guess is that the NAND being encrypted, there’s not much in there that can be touched without getting the device to simply refuse to boot, but maybe some of these strings *are* unencrypted in there? Hmmmgrmmbl, unlikely… it’s more likely that something got slightly corrupted and the Settings application falls back on some failsafe thingy when it can’t find a translation for some specific Strings? yeah, I just decided I would think out loud on the blog now, and not even try to synthesize my thoughts into a readable result for you guys.

If anything, his video shows he is able to have some sort of interaction with the Device through his hacks, which is more than what many hackers have achieved (or at least, publicly shown) so far.

And there’s always the joy of seeing the guts of a Vita connected to a bunch of other naked electronic devices. Enjoy the video below

source: katsu on /talk

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