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April 2, 2013

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 rRootage v1.5 – PSP

rRootage is a game with a long history here on the PSP scene, which makes it all the more important to cover on a special day like to day. Developer Miquel Carol has been away from the title for quite some time, but has somehow managed to bring the entire experience up to speed by finally adding support for the many 6.XX custom firmware options you have ahead of you. This more or less means that now any PSP on the planet should be able to run the game should you have the proper hacks installed on your system. Whether you are looking to try something new, or are feeling a bit nostalgic for a scene that isn’t so concerned with user mode game hacks, this is one of the best ways to get your fix.


In regards to gameplay, rRootage takes cue from a long line of dodge-ship games such as Galaga and Asteroids. As the pilot of this tiny craft, it is your job to simply dodge as many bullets as you possibly can while at the same time collecting bombs for ammunition. It’s a simple concept, but in terms of the difficulty level this is a game that truly possesses that classic sense of challenge. Your enemies bullets will spray from all corners of the map, so it will take a good set of reflexes to succeed at this game. The good news is, the graphics of the whole experience still have a unique shine to them, so even if you lose you’ll look good doing it. For lovers of the classics this game is a must.

Looking to have some fun on the Vita? Installing the hack on our next page could allow you to play homebrew games like rRootage on that newer Sony handheld!

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