PS Vita How-To: Use IRC To Stay Up To Date And In Contact With The PS Vita Scene

March 4, 2014

There is now an option out there for those involved in the PS Vita scene to contact each other and post news via IRC. It utilizes Total-Noob’s TN-V to create a universally accessible “chatroom” for everyone wanting to use it. This method is brought to you by abdou005. Here is how to get this PS Vita chatroom setup so that you can stay connected to all the latest PS Vita news, and input your own ideas.

Here is what you need:

  • PS Vita running TN-V
  • Yama IRC – get it here and follow the homebrew instructions here to install. Credits to Yamagushi
  • TN SaveState Pugin – get it and see how to install here. Credits to Total-Noob.

Now, configure YamaIRC a seen in the following pictures:

After you are done with your configurations, go back to the location in the first image by selecting the check mark. At this point, hold down your start button to load up he SaveState plugin. Save the state following the prompts. YamaIRC is setup s that you have to enter in the config each time you start it up. Now you can have these setting saved and load up YamaIRC from anywhere, including other homebrews and games by holding start and using the D-pad to get to your savestate.

Now you need to connect:

[Image: 196742444.jpg]

You have now entered the #psvita chatroom. To write, press X. To private chat a friend, press start, choose user list, and select the said friend.

To much improve your experience with this homebrew, hold down on your Vita’s home button, tap settings, and configure the right analog stick to the D-Pad.

That’s all for now from me The Jay Doctor. Thanks to abdou005 for the instructions and the tip, to Total-Noob for TN-V and his Savestate plugin, and to Yamagushi for YamaIRC. Follow and/or contact me on Twitter @The_Jay_Doctor.

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