PS Vita OFW 2.11 available

April 16, 2013

Earlier today Sony deployed a new version of the Vita firmware to their network.

It is still unclear what the update does, and according to most sources the update is not mandatory for now.

As The Z pointed out on our forums, this is most likely a quick issue fix, probably some minor bug introduced in 2.10 that had to be quickly patched, as is the case for most minor revisions of Sony’s firmwares (i.e if it doesn’t end with a “0″, it’s not worth it).

Of course, it’s worth mentioning you shouldn’t update unless you really have to, especially if you value hacks, homebrews, and all that stuff that the cool kids seem to love. Yeah, I mean us when I say “cool kids”.

Stay tuned!

Source: The Z’s Vita Update Bot

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