PS Vita PCH-1000 vs PCH-2000: Screen Comparison

September 17, 2013

Yes, minimur mentioned this in his weekly update earlier, but a new Vita is the type of stuff that gets us excited enough to get its own article on the subject.

As you all know, the new PS Vita was announced at the Sony TGS Conference, along with the 64 GB memory card and the brand new PS Vita TV. Many people have criticized Sony because of the sudden change from the OLED to the LCD screen. Although the new PS Vita comes with 1 GB of in-built memory and a lot of colors to choose from, Sony has taken drastic measures to cut prices and make the new PS Vita a bit more cheap and affordable. But were they too drastic? Let’s find out below.


Above is a picture of both the Vitas (PCH-1000 above, and PCH-2000 below) for you to compare. The game being played is Rayman Origins. Today, thanks to YouTube user Fanta711, we get to see a five minutes long in-depth comparison between the two screens, thanks to the fact that the new Vita is being showcased at a shop in Akihabara. Multiple games are shown in order to test the screens in different conditions, and Fanta711 even moves the angle of filming around to give us a better idea on how each screen looks from different view points.

You can check out the video below. Which one do you like the most? Personally, I’m sticking with my dear old PCH-1000.

Well, this video sure does give us PCH-1000 members something to be happy about!

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