[PS Vita] SKFU’s V.I.T.A. Contest – inVent Ideas To Applications

March 27, 2012

Whilst i don’t usually post about other sites competitions, i thought id let fellow PS3HaX members whom have a PS Vita aware of this one:

PSP/PS Vita Developer SKFU is holding a competition, where you pick ideas for an application to be used with the PS Vita, if you are lucky enough to win, there are a few delightful prizes and of course your application gets created, all you have to do is post your idea on SKFU’s Facebook wall here:

The rules are simple:

no updates/extensions for old apps
no clones of existing apps
no piracy

The contest timerange is 1 week, until the 1st April.

We’re curious about your ideas!

For full details of instructions and prizes, visit:
SKFU’s Blog

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