PS Vita Slim confirmed for Europe!

January 30, 2014

Not that long ago Ive blogged a bit about the PS Vita Slim at this very blog, Wololo’s blog, and told you about a possible release of the second PS Vita hardware version, the PS Vita 2000 (PS Vita Slim).

This new PS Vita version will be sold in Europe pretty soon, but it won’t be as cheap as the current PS Vita!

Sony just confirmed a release of the PS Vita Slim for the United Kingdom (UK) for the 7th February and it will be priced with an 180£ price tag (For our friends outside of the UK, 180£ are ~220€ – And for our friends from the states, that would be ~299,99$ for you).

If we keep in mind that the new and ‘enhanced’ PS Vita now sports a different screen, 1GB of internal space and a better battery, which now lasts one hour longer, this price seems to be justified, doesn’t it?

I personally would deny that this is a justified price, because the new screen is basically a downgrade, a worse screen and the 1GB of internal space aren’t usable upon putting a memory card into the PS Vita. The only real advantage of the PS Vita Slim is the 1 hour longer lasting battery, thats it (Oh, and the micro USB port instead of the ‘Sony PS Vita port’, if you want to count that as an advantage).

What are the downside of the PS Vita Slim? Let’s see… It can’t use a firmware below firmware 2.50 (its initial shipping firmware) and Sony removed the mysterious port next to the cartridges of the PS Vita. Will that port ever be used? Who knows… Is it a downside that it is gone? Certainly.

TN-V is indeed usable at the PS Vita Slim (via FW 2.60/2.61/3.00/3.01)!

So basically we get a ‘new’ PS Vita, that has a few new things, but those things either can’t be used or are worse than what we are used to (with the PS Vita fat). I would rate the PS Vita Slim like I rate the PSP 3000 series’ and the PSP E1000, garbage. Those are basically downgrades from previous hardware revisions (The PSP 2000 / PSP Go / PS Vita Fat [1000]), and one should not buy these.

But enough with the ranting about the inferior hardware versions of Sony hardware, there are some good things with the PS Vita 2000, aren’t there? To be honest, I really like the newer and better start + select buttons and the multiple color options (those aren’t confirmed yet!) are also pretty neat.

Someone who does not like to carry multiple USB cables and does not care about having an OLED screen, that someone might even like the new PS Vita 2000.

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