PS Vita TN-V Weird System Crash

April 21, 2014

It has probably happened to you. You were doing something in TN-V and it crashed, causing you to hard reset your PS Vita. Let’s just say that these crashes are a bit different.

Ok, so your TN-V crashes, reset your Vita and everything is all good right? Sure, but what if you are stripped of all control over your Vita? To the point where you can’t even power off.

I have gotten into contact with the creator of the Youtube videos that portray these happenings. Here is some info on the crash:

I was getting ready to play some Mario ROMS on my Vita using SNES9xTYL. I navigated through the XMB to get to the emulator, and then started it up. Midway though the load of the emulator, I pressed the PS Vita Home/LiveArea button. When I went back into the Megamix game (that’s the exploit I run) everything froze up. When the error message finally came up and I was kicked out of the game, I tried to open another game. That’s when the weird stuff started happening…

So, what is this weird stuff that happened? Here is a 4 video playlist that was created with four different events that took place. The above quote is how the crash in the first video was achieved, the crash in the second video was achieved a different way, and the third and fourth video are part of the same crash, achieved yet another way.

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. What are some of your TN-V crashes, and how did they occur? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter where i can be contacted/followed using the handy links below.

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