PS Vita TV can ‘technically’ support PS3 games through the cloud: Not bad..

September 12, 2013

We can talk about PS Vita TV specs but i will just as reference this:

Instead of featuring a display screen, the console connects to a television via HDMI. Users can play using a DualShock 3 controller (with a later patch to provide functionality with PlayStation 4 controllers), although due to the difference in features between the controller and the handheld, certain games are not compatible with PS Vita TV, such as those that are dependent on the system’s touch-screen, rear touchpad, microphone or camera. The device is said to be compatible with over 100 Vita games, as well as various digital PlayStation Portable, PlayStation and PC Engine titles.

At this stance we already got a glimpse of what’s PS vita TV is capable of doing.
But Andrew House: SCE CEO explained in a recent interview, that PS Vita TV could or so to speak “technically” support PS3 games through the cloud. (Gaikai)
This is good news if becomes a reality for us PS3 users.
Obviously, main focus of PS vita TV is PS4 but showing some love for PS3 users for that failed and confused BC over PS4. Probably this lure many users attention who want to get this device.

We know that the PS Vita TV will play PSP, PSOne and Vita titles, and will even (eventually) be able to stream PS4 titles once both devices are on sale. But how about PS3? Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, explained in around-table interview that the tiny streaming set is “technically” capable of supporting PS3 titles through the same cloud-based streaming that will bring PS3 titles to its successor. It makes sense, (if it can stream fancier games from the PS4, titles from console iteration no.3 should be a cinch, right?) but it’s the first time we’ve heard that Sony is considering it. We’re hoping the feature eventually makes it, if only to make amends for the confusing backwardscompatibility saga that the PS3 previously suffered.


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