PS2 ceases production worldwide

January 8, 2013

sony-ps2After 12 years of some of the most memorable games and moments in gaming history, the top selling console of all times, the PS2, has ceased production worldwide.
The news came from The Guardian, which got confirmation from Sony.

The PS2 has been a key console in the entire history, setting the roots for most great franchises we see today, as well as making backwards compatibility and multimedia capabilities a standard amongst consoles.
Most of us grew up with the great catalog this system offers, and some of us still enjoy it to this day.

I take this time to remember a blog I posted not much ago, where allegedly Sony is looking for Ps2 engineers to debug a Ps2 Emulator. While the sources indicate that the emulator may be for the PS3 (remember that the main reason Sony didn’t make a PS2 emu for the PS3 is because PS2 systems were still being made and sold, which is not the case now), it could very well be for the PS Vita (the PSP has a similar architecture as the PS2), or PS4 (which we all believe is in development and could bring more than one surprise), maybe we even see the emulator on all these consoles (let’s cross our fingers).


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