PS2 Classics GUI Gets Updated In Today’s PS3 Tools Collection Release and Universal Media Server 2.5.2 For OSX ; For Windows Out

March 21, 2013

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Aldo has a new PS3 Tools Collection update ready for you guys with a wealth of updates made to the PS2 Classics GUI tool. Check it.

Every day, there’s something new happening for the PS3 scene. Today, we have Aldo pushing out yet another update to his PS3 Tools Collection. Today’s release features a lone update to the PS2 Classics GUI, which was introduced to the collection not too long ago. As you may or may not know, the PS2 Classics GUI is a front end for the PS2Classic tool released, which allows you to decrypt PS2 Classics for play on any PS3 as well as encrypting  any PS2 to play on PS3. Here’s the changelog for PS2 Classics GUI:



  • Added support for the VMC/VME commands.
  • Added /? to display the command line syntax.



  • Fixed the patch that writes the new image size and image type in the LIMG header.
  • Now displays the 16 bytes of the LIMG header when the image is opened.
  • Now allows to add the LIMG sector to the end of image.
  • Changed the GUI to a “tabbed look”.



  • Added support for drag & drop and command line interface (CLI) -> pass the full path of the image as parameter.
  • Added support for auto decryption if a PKG is selected or passed as parameter.
  • RAP files are auto copied to the RAPS folder if they are present in the same folder of the PKG or in a “exdata” folder
  • Pad verification (for multiple of 0x4000) now asks if you want to add the required padding when needed.
  • Image type (CD or DVD) is now detected and displayed on the GUI
  • Added option to patch the image with the file size and image type (CD or DVD). The program looks for the LIMG header in the offset (File Size – 0x4000), and changes the 4 bytes size (in big endian format) to:
    • (Image Size – 0x4000) 0x800 for DVD and sets 8th byte to 1. Bytes 15-16 are set to 08 00
    • (Image Size – 0x4000) 0x930 for CD and sets 8th byte to 2. Bytes 15-16 are set to 09 30

As usual, you can download the entire PS3 Tools Collection or each tool individually below.


Download: PS3 Tools Collection 2.2.3 | PS2 Classics GUI 1.3


Source: aldostools

 Running OSX?  How about Windows?  There’s a new version of Universal Media Server Available.  Check it out.

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