PS2 Classics Manager Gets a Much Needed Update to 1.01

April 8, 2013

 PS2 Classics are probably one of the biggest recent developments that the scene has to offer you. With the right kind of keys and formatting, you can laugh in the face of those normal folks who can’t play certain games on their systems because they have a newer model. You can use the PS3 in the way that it was originally meant to be played: as a console that played the entire wealth of home PlayStation titles. The PS2 Classics Manager quickly emerged as one of the more popular options for making use of this scene change because it was one of the first. With substantial progress made by developers like Aldo, it was time for Captain CPS-X to step up big. Thank goodness they did.

The version digit change may look small, but the revisions here are quite big. A huge part of this is that now all external ISOs and BINs are allowed in to the program. So that means you can use this to convert any old game file you just might find lying around. The good news is is since all the patching is done by the GUI itself, that main file is all you should need to get the job done. There is even a games database as well to make sure that your PKGs look nice and pretty once they are converted. Lastly, there is also a memory card manager that will allow you to work with all of your saves and export them safely to be used on your PS3. All the details can be read at the source link, but that’s all the big news you need to know.

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Tags: CFW, homebrew, ps2 classics, PS3 Hacks

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