PS2 Classics Manager v1.02 Fixes Memory Card Bugs and Adds Games To Database

April 11, 2013

While there’s no secret that the recent ability to boot PSP games is probably stealing just a little bit of thunder from the PS2 side of things, that hasn’t stopped CaptainCPS-X from producing another solid update to his PS2 Classics Manager. In the last release a few days ago, we saw the arrival of a memory card manager that allowed you to export all of your old save files to be used on PS3. This revision fixes bugs in relation to that feature including but not limited to a crash that would occur when both slots are deactivated.

Other than that, the changes are somewhat small but still significant. Shadows have been added to text to make theme creation easier, and the Title ID code has been fixed to deal better with titles that contained square brackets at the end. If there were any of your favorites missing from the included database, you will hopefully be able to find them there as well, so the launching of your favorite games shouldn’t be any simpler. If you want a homebrew to create and organize all those PS2 games, this is an awesome one to have. Also note that build v1.01 is required as a base for this upgrade so that download link is also included below.

Source / Download PS2 Classics Manager v1.02 / Download PS2 Classics Manager v1.01


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