PS2 Emulation Making a Comeback on PS3?

November 13, 2012

In the early days of the PS3, backwards compatibility was a massive sell for gamers. After all, we were able to play all of our favorite PSOne games on our PS2s, so we kind of expected that that same level of functionality would find its way onto the next Sony system too. Not to  mention with how popular the PS2 was, so many of us had invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars on games; and we wanted to be able to play them on our newly upgraded hardware. However, with cost cuts looming in our bad economy, this feature was slowly trimmed from our consoles. As of right now, only about 30% of PS2 games will run on a newer model PS3. Those are the games we now see on the PSN.

Still, there are a few signs that that figure just might slowly change. According to a new Sony job posting, the company is looking for a “PS2 Emulation Debug Engineer” with experience working on the older console and a passion for emulation. This certainly does leave us with a few key things to speculate about. Has Sony finally dried up their 30% and needs more titles? Will more complete backwards compatibility be achieved on newer models? Could this instead be a posting to get things running better on PS4? Only time will tell. Hopefully all of you new console buyers will be able to experience the kind of library that is only left for the earliest PS3 adopters!


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