PS2 Linux Live DVD Version 3 Released

August 7, 2012

Did you accidentally upgrade your PS3 past the point of custom firmware? Have you been dying to see what Linux looks like on your big TV? If so, today just might be your lucky day!

With the previous release of this disc almost two years ago, the scene was certainly a different place the last time PS2 users got their taste of Linux. Still, showing commitment to the cause Mega Man is back with his latest release of PS2 Linux bringing the tally up to version 3.

So what can users expect with this new version of the software? The biggest change to note is that this particular build is going to work on any PS2 modded or not! That means anybody who has an old and dusty system in their basement is going to have the opportunity to try it out (provided you don’t have any disc read error issues.)

While I will leave much of the functions of this software for you two discover, installing this on your system will allow you to perform tasks like play Youtube videos, browse the web, and even run emulators from websites. Essentially if you’re looking to breathe new life into your PS2 while you wait out the next jailbreak, this is an awesome solution.

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