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April 14, 2013

CaptainCPS-X is working on a new version of his PS2CM that he plans on delivering to the homebrew community very soon. V1.03 of his PS2CM isn’t actually going to be PS2CM, it’s going to have a new name and new features that help explain its new “PS2 & PSP Minis Manager” name. That’s right CaptainCPS-X has added PSP Game (Minis) support to his backup manager that offers an easy method for converting PS2 Games to PS2 Classic’s / PSP Games to PSP Minis. We can also expect to see some progress overall with stability and bug fixes but for the rest of the details on what he’s up to you’ll have to check out the quote below.

Quote: CaptainCPS-X

For next release and all future releases, PS2 Classics Manager will be called PS2 & PSP Minis Manager v1.03

PSP Minis Manager:

On this section of the application you will be able to see a list of all your converted PSP Minis games.


Be able to switch between PSP Minis games easily without having the XMB filled with them.


In the future I will implement modules to convert the PSP ISOs to EBOOT.PBP and create ISO.BIN / MINIS.BIN, these last 2 must be converted / encrypted to EDAT on PC, since I don’t have any C/C++ solution for this, maybe some other nice dev could collaborate later .

The games will be located on:


Example game directory structure, items marked on “bold” are mandatory, others are optional:

/dev_hdd0/PSPMINIS/[ULUS-10336] Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII/


Encryption of ISO.BIN.EDAT / MINIS.EDAT :

These files must be encrypted with the following specifications, using for example, EdatToolGUI.exe:

– Content ID: PSPPS3-PSPP00000_00-0000000000000001
– RAP: Zero-Filled (16 bytes)
– Type: 00
– Version: 02
– Flags: 0c

More details later

PS: @aldostools , what you think about this? I will appreciate your feedback and any recommendation you could have , thanks!



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