PS2 Remote Debugger v0.5.4 Version 2 Unofficially Released

December 18, 2012

If you were a member of the PS2 scene, you might recall a little program called PS2RD for short. Essentially what it allowed you to do was to debug a modded console remotely from your PC. It may sound like a little bit old these days with the fluidity of something like multiMAN but  for some time, this was a really useful piece of software. If you wanted to make  some cheats for your favorite game titles, this was the way to do it, so in a sense countless hours were put in by some while they sat at the interface of this program.

Knowing how fun this concept might still be today, gledson999 has retooled a second version of PS2RD 0.5.4 for your modding pleasure. In general, a lot of  the major changes here had a lot to do with the boot2. Bugs were fixed that caused the boot2 to not load, and now circle button can be used to start that second booting method. In contrast, X is now used to start the game in the tray and bugs were fixed to promote better loading there as well. In general, this is an all-around performance boost for those looking to get back into their older hardware, If you had trouble getting those cheats to work before, it may not hurt now to see what can be done if you’ve got a PS2 that still works for you.


Tags: homebrew, ps2 remote debugger, ps2rd 0.5.4, PS3 Hacks

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