PS2 Software Emulator Without Cobra Dongle – CFW 3.55

August 4, 2012

A method has been released for those wanting to play some PS2 titles on their PS3’s. Previous reports still required the use of the Cobra Dongle. Well I’m glad to announce that the Cobra is not a prerequisite anymore.

However one should note that this still uses the same buggy emulator introduced in firmware update 2.60. This method is for running original retail discs only, so no backups are playable, and is compatible with both the PS3 slim & fat models. The only prerequisite with this method is that you have to be in factory service mode using custom firmware 3.55.

Getting Playstation 2 Software Emulator working:

Method (on Firmware 3.55, without! Cobra-USB Dongle or Downgrade) for all consoles (fat & slim).

  • Replace following files on your consoles /dev_flash/ with the ones included in this archive p3dwik-ps2compatfiles.rar
  • Get into Factory Service Mode (FSM Tool/Dongle)
  • Insert your Original PS2 Game Disc
  • It will run.

Note: Backups wont work. You’re getting the compatibility of the 2.60 software emulator with all of its bugs.

You can download the required files from the PS3 DevWiki linked below.

Source: ps3devwiki via psx-scene

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