PS3 4.30 coming out tomorrow…. once again Sony gives and takes.

October 23, 2012

Thanks to @Mackdanny ;)

So tomorrow, October 23rd, Sony will release 4.30. The update will finally address an issue/request from Vita owners, namely, the ability to see BOTH sets of trophies from PS3 AND Vita. When the Vita released, you were always able to see both sets of trophies on the handheld, but it took Sony 8 months to make it so on the PS3. Vita trophies have always been accumulating to your PSN, but the PS3 just couldn’t display them. Better late then never i guess.


This DOES remove the folding @hom e app known as Life with Playstation. This is the only known (so far) removal that Sony has done. Maybe not so big a deal, however I can see people getting frustrated that Sony removes something else. Folding at home was an app that lets your PS3 lend CPU power to study Protein Folding for research. More on that HERE.

More info to come as it is available.

[SOURCE] : Shacknews

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