PS3 4000 series 16GB SKU. New info *Rumour* = Final dongle showdown?

July 24, 2012

In june we saw the first leaked images of this new 4k series of PS3′S now according to some sources Sony will not announce it on gamescon = Agusts 14.
Speculation around this whole new series keeps feeding the news site. Hence this is a *prior* step to the announcement of the PS4 (so they said) Something cheap to entertain a few while most of us still waiting for an official release date of *ORBIS*.
They say that 16GB SKU is indeed REAL not a rumour but the problem or how to say it..the rumour involves that the console is based on FLASH memory.
Article keeps feeding us with some more details and some info that was posted on June as well = the 16Gb PS3-4000 will have a flip-lid disc input and low-capacity storage.

I can only think in a mediocre product being delivered, but it’s what i think about this. I don’t see anything innovative about this, maybe in terms of security can be the final showdown against the dongles. And above all for a *cheap* price ;)

A VG247 source has claimed that Sony will not announce PS3-4000 at its gamescom press conference on August 14.

PS3-4000, the latest, slimmest version of Sony’s current console, will not be announced at the main Sony gamescom press conference on August 14, VG247 has been told.

A gamescom reveal had been planned, but stock levels of the current build are said to be too high for Sony to move onto what is probably the last take on PS3 before PlayStation 4 is announced next year.

In addition, a source today said that the rumoured 16Gb version of PS3-4000 is in fact real, and is based on Flash memory. There was some confusion surrounding the figure, which originated from Anatel, the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications, with many assuming it was intended to read 160Gb.

The new model will stack up against Microsoft’s 4Gb Flash-based Xbox 360. As the 16Gb PS3-4000 will have a flip-lid disc input and low-capacity storage, we’ve been told today that the announcement “may” be accompanied by a huge price cut, with the entry version potentially dropping as low as £99.

We’ve since been told, however, that there are no plans for a £99 PS3.

In addition to the 16Gb version, 250GB and 500GB options have been rumoured.

Source = Vga247

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