PS3 4000 series Hacked? New ODE Video Surfaces

May 8, 2013

A video has surfaced on youtube claiming that the New PS3 model 4000 series has now been officially hacked via ODE (Modchip). Uploader haxckODE claims that “this is the haxckODE jailbreak playstation 3 super slim is the first device that emulates the ps3 hard drive is an internal drive solution storage”. Nothing of yet has been confirmed, and many are jumping to the conclusion that this is all a hoax. Yet you can see the system stripped down to it’s core and utlilizing this new ODE, similar to when we first saw the PS3Key back in early 2009, when the jailbreaking was just born. The video was sent via Private message to PS3hax’s GregoryRasputin as he broke the news.

“I was given this link to a YouTube video via PM, by the people claiming to have a “4K Jailbreak”, the video shows hardware connected to a stripped down 4K PS3, now anyone can connect hardware to a console, make a video and call it a jailbreak, now the weird thing is that the games seem to appear in the Theme Selection area in the system settings, here is the video:”


As seen on the video, the ODE turns green as soon as the system boots the XMB, exactly how the PS3key acted when it was first revealed. Gregory is disputing this himself whether it is a fake. And I agree if it is a fake, this guy went to full lengths to make a fool out of me. Hopefully we’ll get more on this story as it develops.


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